Why do we need modification agency for paper polishing?

Fluent expression in English has always been a problem for scientific researchers for whom English is not the mother tongue. In addition, scientific researchers have been busy with research, so they are not professional with English language. Papers are rejected for language problem rather than research findings. Authors will inevitably spend a lot of time on language modification, which is undoubtedly a great waste of time. Therefore, it is crucial to choose an appropriate agency for paper modification under such circumstance.

Why do we choose EasyEdition?

Dr. Zhang, founder of EasyEdition, has been specialized in editorial work for internationally famed publishing companies with close contact maintained with major publishers and leading experts of all fields in addition to familiarity with publishing process of traditional paper journal and electronic journal. In order to help more researchers to have their research findings published, Dr. Zhang decided to establish EasyEdition determined with the hope to standardize paper modification industry and bring benefits to all authors.

What can EasyEdition do for you?

Apart from grammar and spelling, EasyEdition also provides in-depth English language modification services which include paper logic, smoothness and consistency of terminology. Papers of all subjects will be modified by two experts from English-speaking countries who will be responsible for the quality.

Our Advantages

Team of Professional Editors
·The vast majority of disciplines are covered with professors in all fields for English
  language modification.
·Modification editors for English language all come from English-speaking countries with
  M.D or M.S degree and years of editing experience.
·Editors maintain agreeable relationship with major journals to assure
  successful publication.
Quick Response, Punctuality, Creditability
·Papers are deal with within 2 hours since submission. We work all year round to ensure
  that your paper receives the most professional service immediately.
·We complete modification with quality before the completion date required by you. There
  will be full refund in case of delay delivery for no particular reason.
·We observe strict confidentiality for the content of papers. There will never be paper
  content leakage.
24-Hour Customer Service Online
·Professional customer service staff stand by 7×24 online to provide any service relating
  to paper modification.
Reasonable Charge
·We provide free formatting which includes figure and table in line with requirements of
  the journal contributed while layout of figure and table will be chargedin other
·We provide free modification service to returned papers.
·We provide a 10% discount to all those with whom we have cooperated.

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Currently we accept five methods of payment, from which you can choose one.

> Online banking : online payment by deposit card and some credit card of most banks in mainland China
> Personal transfer and remittance: Counter transfer or online bank transfer by any bank. Postal Savings is not recommended. (log in to check account number)

Our Guarantee

We perfectly know how much the contribution means to the author. Our editors are researchers too who have experienced all kinds of problems during publication. These experiences are the basis of us to make a guarantee. Therefore, we hereby make the following commitments.:High Quality、Respect for Privacy

How to cooperate with EasyEdition:

Registration/log in —> order submission —> paper upload —> payment confirmation —> polishing and modification —> user feedback —> modification based on user feedback —> satisfaction —> order completion
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