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   EasyEdition was established to help non-native English-speaking eliminate language barriers to facilitate publication of their research findings in appropriate journals. Dr. Zhang has specialized in editorial work for prestigious international publishing companies and maintains close contact maintained with major publishers and leading experts in all fields. In addition to her familiarity with the publishing process of traditional paper journals, she is also familiar with the electronic journal publishing process. In order to help more researchers successfully publish their research findings, Dr. Zhang established EasyEdition with a determination to standardize the paper modification industry and provide benefits to all authors.
   EasyEdition boasts of a first-class editing team, every member of which is an expert in their academic research field with years of experience and a track record of successful English publications in international authoritative journals. Many of our editors are graduates from or work for world famous universities such as Stanford, Harvard and Oxford. Some of our editors are continuously engaged in reviewing and editing for peer-reviewed journals. For this reason, we know how to submit papers to maximize successful publication in a convenient and expedient manner. With our dedication to submission of fine papers, we endeavor to provide excellent services at a lower price.
   EasyEdition has been a committed leader in providing professional language solutions. With its excellent manuscript modification team, we deeply believe that our outstanding services will help researchers achieve rapid publication of their research achievements in journals which will best showcase their work to the world.

Q & A

Q: How to choose a journal?

A: Currently SCI has 3,000 core journals. When counting supplement in, there are 5,600 journals in total. As a result, it is important to choose an appropriate journal. When choosing a journal, the following shall be considered.
1.Whether the paper is within the scope of contribution.
2.Whether paper format complies with journal requirements.
3.Whether the paper fits journal preference.
  You can make a list for option journals in line with paper theme, make comparisons for screening and finalize the one you would like to contribute. You can also choose an appropriate journal based on communications with EasyEdition.

Q: Why is my paper immediately rejected?

A: Many reasons can account for why your paper is rejected before peer review.
1.Research scope is beyond that of the journal.
2.Statement and data are not innovative.
3.Paper format does not conform to journal requirements.
4.There is poor English expression or too many grammatical errors that affect reading.
  EasyEdition suggests that before contribution, you should have a careful reading of journal “Instructions for authors” which typically states formatting requirements.
  If you choose EasyEdtion, our professional team for English modification and formatting will provide careful examination so as to avoid rejection before peer-review.

Q: When to modify English?

A: If you choose traditional paper-based journals, EasyEdition suggests you make English modification before contribution. Editors of traditional journals are often experts in the field they are engaged in, so they have higher requirements on paper format. Fluent English expression and shining formatting can leave a favorable impression on the editor, which will avoid rejection even before review.
  If you choose Open Access journals, editors have lower requirements on paper format due to quick publication. EasyEdition suggests you entrust us of English modification before contribution so as to shorten the contribution cycle. Of course, English modification can be conducted when the paper is returned to you from the editors.
  No matter when you choose to make English modification, EasyEdition provides more than such medication but also free formatting, cover letter and response letter revision in accordance with journal requirements.

Q: Will author recommended reviewers be invited?

A: Many journals require the author recommend 5 review candidates while it depends as to whether journal editors will invite these candidates. Some will invite reviewers recommended by the author while others will not invite reviewers recommended by the author for the purpose of objective and fair reviewing process. Even if recommend reviews are invited, there will be another expert invited for review.

Q: If there are negative opinions from reviewers, will the paper be rejected?

A: Not necessarily. The final result is determined by opinions of all reviewers and external experts. Therefore, you can never give up modification because of negative reports. Reviewers of international core journals are generally authoritative scholars in their fields. It is suggested that you take their opinions seriously, make careful analysis on each criticisms and suggestion and have the paper modified accordingly. Of course, if the paper is denied by a very famous expert of his/her field, the possibility of rejection will increase greatly.

Q: How to deal with rejection?

A: In such as case, EasyEdition suggests you make careful analysis on causes of the rejection. Some are “completely rejection” when editors would say they don’t want to see such papers again. As a result, it would be pointless submitting such papers but you can try other journals. Others are due to difficult modification process when editors would usually have it rejected and ask the author to modify based on reviewing opinions before submitting as a new paper. Of course, if the time for publication is rather limited or it is impossible to complete relevant experiments to strengthen data support as the editors suggest, you can try other journals while preparing typesetting and the cover letter in conformity with the requirements of the new journal.

Q: Will the possibility of acceptance increase if one paper is submitted to two or more journals at the same?

A: The answer is no. All editors or reviewers disgust with such duplicate submission and the paper will be inevitably rejected. In addition, this will cause the author ill academic reputation.

How to cooperate with EasyEdition:

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